Is Kevin Durant coming back?

Kevin Durant may be getting off of those crutches soonThere’s finally some good news for injured Oklahoma City Thunder player Kevin Durant who underwent surgery to repair a Jones Fracture in his foot.

According to The Oklahoman, Kevin Durant was recently seen doing a light work out, running pick-and-pop sets and even trying some jump shots.

While this news is certainly heartening for Thunder fans, who have seen their team suffer many a loss since their star player and his teammate Russell Westbrook (thumb injury) have been sidelined, but it’s not truly time to get excited.

Jones injuries take longer than most fractures to heal because of poor blood flow in the area of the injury. Accordingly, Durant is not even scheduled for an evaluation until Thanksgiving, and no timetable has been set for his return.

No one likes to see a star player benched, especially that star him or herself, but rushing back onto the court before a sports injury has fully healed is just about the worst idea ever. Not only can a pre-mature return lead to re-injury, it can also lead to new and different injuries as supporting muscles and bones work overtime to make up for weak, injured bones.

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