It’s a Miracle! Madonna’s High-Heel Injury is Healed!

Madonna swapped high heels for crutches after a foot injuryJust a few days ago, I posted about Madonna’s recent high-heel-related foot injury and how it had left her on crutches.  Luckily for her, her bruised foot seems to have healed quickly, as she was just spotted around town without her crutches.

Clearly, her injury wasn’t all that serious, since, even while she was hurt, Madonna was still able to get in her workout at the gym (although she did alter her routine to incorporate her crutches). While Madonna got lucky, only suffering a bone bruise when she overdid it on the dance floor while wearing heels, not all women will be so lucky—high heels can be seriously dangerous to your foot health, ladies!

When you wear a stiletto heel, you put yourself on a less stable base, automatically making you more susceptible to falls, sprains and fractures. But it’s not just outside factors that put you at risk of injury when you’re wearing heels—over time, the structure of stilettos can actually alter your anatomy. Constantly being on tip-toe, as it were, can shorten your Achilles tendon, leading to tightness and pain in that area and also leaving you more susceptible to injuries.

Additionally, if you are pre-disposed to developing bunions, you can increase your risk by wearing high heels; you also become more likely to develop Morton’s neuroma, an injury of the ball of the foot that can develop from additional pressure placed on that part of your body when you wear stilettos too often.

Obviously, wearing high heels is something you’re not going to completely eliminate, but at the very least, listen to your Houston podiatrist and minimize the number of times per week that you put on heels. You should definitely choose better shoes when, like Madonna, you’re heading out to do something really active like dancing; stay smart with your feet, protect yourself, and come see Dr. Andrew Schneider if you have any foot health concerns.

Dr. Andrew Schneider
Dr. Andrew Schneider is a podiatrist and foot surgeon at Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston, TX.
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