Jenny McCarthy Says High Heel Shoes Are "In" On The Ellen Show

On a recent episode of Ellen, Jenny McCarthy was one of the celebrity guests. When they introduced her she came walking in wearing a pair of 4-inch high heel shoes, which seemed very difficult for her to walk in. When she sat down the first thing Ellen asked her was why she was wearing shoes that were so difficult to walk in and Jenny replied that these are the only shoes she can find right now because very high heeled shoes are what is "in".

Although we all know that high heel shoes can make a woman's legs and butt look flattering, wearing high heel shoes definitely has its share of disadvantages as well. The first thing to realize about high heel shoes is that no matter what size you are wearing those shoes are too small for your feet! High heels don't have laces to hold you feet in so in order for these shoes to stay on your feet you must wear shoes that are too small for you in order for them to suction your foot into the shoe when you walk.

High heel shoes can lead to many foot and ankle problems. One of the most obvious problems that many women are very familiar with is blisters. When you wear high heels you have a greater chance of developing blisters on your feet because the shoes are too small for you. This causes the shoes to rub on your usually bare skin creating blisters.

Another common injury that occurs from wearing high heel shoes is ankle sprains. A lateral ankle sprain is the most common type of ankle sprain which occurs when the outside of your foot rolls under you causing stretching and tearing of the ligaments in your ankle.

The last common injury that high heels cause that most women are not aware of is bunions! Studies have shown that women who wear high heel shoes have a greater incidence of bunions. If you notice yourself starting to get a bunion then stop wearing high heel shoes immediately. If you choose to ignore this problem then it will only get worse and eventually your foot will no longer be able to fit into those cute little high heel shoes that you like so much.

Even though high heel shoes are undoubtedly fashionable right now they can leads to some serious foot and ankle injuries. It is understandable that women may be required to wear high heels at certain points during the week but the key is to try and minimize the time when you are cramming your feet into your high heeled shoes.
Dr. Andrew Schneider
Dr. Andrew Schneider is a podiatrist and foot surgeon at Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston, TX.
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