Jets QB Mark Sanchez Struggles with Toenail Infection

Mark Sanchez is staying strong in spite of a painful toenail infectionNow that football is starting up again, NFL fans can expect to see hard hits and plenty of injuries on TV every Sunday. Concussions, broken bones, sprained ankles…all of these are expected byproducts of the weekly big game.

You know what you don’t usually hear players griping about? Infected toenails! Since that isn’t a usual NFL ailment, I was totally taken by surprise when New York Jets’ quarterback Mark Sanchez posted this video on Webstagram.  As a warning, before you watch the short clip, Sanchez has chosen to share a film of his physician drilling a hole in his toenail in order to cut out an infected portion of his toenail. It gets a bit bloody at the end.

Describing the surgery, Sanchez’s QB coach David Lee said, "They're digging a hole in Mark Sanchez’s toe big enough to pull a half dollar out of it 'cause he's got some nail that's infected." Incredibly, Sanchez has continued to play while dealing with his infection, despite the fact that, in a follow-up video to the one I’ve posted above, you get to see Sanchez having his infected nail ripped completely off his toe. Needless to say, he has some choice words to share as the procedure goes along.

As a Houston podiatrist who has never treated Mark Sanchez, I can’t comment on whether this tough guy has received the least invasive, best course of treatment for his infection. What I can say is that, if you have an infected toenail and come see me at Tanglewood Foot Specialists as soon as possible, we can hopefully avoid the type of painful procedure Sanchez has allowed the world to see. I can also promise that, whatever course of treatment we decide upon for your infection, I will absolutely not post a video of it to Instagram. What you do with your pictures, however, is your business. 

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