Justin Bieber’s (Foot) Trouble

Justin Bieber on crutches and a close-up of his injured footIt seems like Justin Bieber never learns from his mistakes—repeated arrests, on-and-off again trysts with Selena Gomez—and now we know that his feet are not excluded from this troubling pattern.

Several years ago, when Justin was still a squeaky-clean child pop star, he spent quite a lot of time in a boot after he broke his foot on stage during a performance in London.

This week, Justin shared several pictures on Instagram that revealed how he “broke his damn foot,” again, this time during a soccer game at the exclusive Parrot Cay resort in Turks and Caicos. In a strange twist, Christie Brinkley was on hand to witness the debacle, posting a pic of the singer celebrating a goal just moments before his injury occurred.

Not only did Justin share a picture of his foot being examined by an on-site doctor, he also showed a close up image of his injury, which revealed bruising and swelling just above the sole of the foot.

Swelling and bruising can be indications of several different types of foot and ankle injuries: they can occur with sprains but can also be an indication of a fracture, as seems to be the case with Mr. Bieber.

Since the visual symptoms associated with foot and ankle injuries can be indicative of several different problems, it’s important to be examined by your podiatrist each and every time you hurt yourself. Ignoring what you assume is a mild sprain may actually leave you walking around on an untreated broken bone.

The only way to confirm a fractured foot or ankle is with x-rays—and Dr. Andrew Schneider can provide that service, saving you the inconvenience of a long wait in the ER. If you suspect that you may have fractured your foot and ankle, go see your Houston podiatrist immediately.

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