March Madness: Texas Tech Guard Played with a Broken Toe

Keenan Evans in action on the courtNow that the NCAA basketball season is officially over for Texas Tech, their starting guard, senior Keenan Evans, has come forward with a confession: he played through the tournament on a broken big toe!

While the school made it all the way to the Elite 8, following their season-ending loss to Villanova last Saturday, Evans has announced that he’s considering having surgery to repair the injury.

If you’re surprised to learn that Evans played through a tournament with a fracture, just wait for the rest of the story: the young player actually sustained this injury back in February during a game against Baylor University. Though he sat out the second half of that match-up, the guard played in nine of the next ten games for TTU!

I understand the dedication of an elite athlete like Evans, and I truly do sympathize with his desire to help the team make it through the playoffs. Especially as a graduating senior, I imagine the pressure to make his contribution must have been immense!

Still, I have to wonder at the decision to leave a broken toe unhealed for over a month, particularly for a player with his entire athletic career ahead of him! In my Houston podiatry practice, I do my best to keep athletes in the game, but I always prioritize their long-term health over a coach’s immediate demands or expectations. If you or a loved one has an athletic injury and needs a treatment plan that won’t completely derail training, schedule an appointment with Dr. Schneider as soon as possible!

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