Every year Dancing with the Stars provides us with a few good foot injuries to talk about. This year is no different. On yesterday's show, TV host Maria Menounos performed despite a stress fracture in her foot. She was advised by her doctors not to compete, but she chose to dance anyway. Despite severe pain from her foot, she scored the second highest of the night. She says that she has a high pain threshold that let her dance through the pain in her foot, just as she danced with broken ribs earlier in the season.

There is a danger to continuing to dance on a stress fracture in the foot. A stress fracture is a failure of the bone in an area of continuous or repetitive pressure. This is a break in the bone, but many consider it more along the lines of a "hairline" fracture. While common with dancing, stress fractures are also common in runners, triathletes, and all sports participants. It is also common as we age and our bones become weaker.

Continuing to exercise on a stress fracture can cause the fracture to worsen and the bone fragments to displace. This will lead to extended healing time and possible will require surgery to repair. This is why I never minimize the severity of a stress fracture in my Houston podiatry practice.

A stress fracture must be immobilized, most commonly in a fracture boot. Depending on how stable the fracture is, your Houston podiatrist will advise you whether you can walk on it or whether you must use crutches and stay off of it. Foot fractures will typically take 6-8 weeks to fully heal.

I understand Maria's competitive nature and her strong desire to continue. That said, it is not worth the risk to further injury to her foot to continue to dance on it. Stress fractures will keep athletes out of their game and, likewise, it should keep Menounos off of the dance floor.

If you have a foot injury and are concerned that you have a broken bone or stress fracture, contact our Houston podiatry office for an immediate appointment. The sooner you treat a fracture, the faster you will recover!
Dr. Andrew Schneider
Dr. Andrew Schneider is a podiatrist and foot surgeon at Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston, TX.
It is adhesions in the muscle tissue that are affecting the bones. By fixing the injuries in that tissue the pain is gone and a normal level of activity, even the dance training will normally not result in any additional harm to the bone and it will heal as it should. This is a break from what podiatrists say. However I've cured my stress fractures by repairing the tissue that actually causes most of the problem. When it's fixed the stress fracture easily heals. These injuries can usually be fixed in one treatment. www.ThePainWhisperer.org
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