More Sochi Nightmares as Ski Course Revealed to be Dangerous

If you’ve been following the drama surrounding the Sochi Olympics, you’ve no doubt already seen some of the nightmarish conditions journalists are facing in their hotels (if they can even get a hotel).  Now it seems that the athletes aren’t immune from Olympic blunders; as it turns out, the slope style ski run at Rhosa Khutor Extreme Park isn’t safe and several athletes, including snowboarder Shaun White, have wiped out and gotten hurt.This Sochi slopestyle course has been deemed unsafe

Skiing and snowboarding are great sports, but there are some inherent dangers associated with the favorite winter pastimes. First of all, when you are hurtling down an icy mountain, you are prone to falls; when your feet are tethered to a board or skis and you fall, opposing forces leaves you vulnerable to sprains and fractures. The stiffness of your boot can help stabilize you and prevent twisting, but only if your boot fits you properly. Make sure you go for a snug fit that doesn’t let you slip and slide inside your boots.

Of course, just as with ice skates, you don’t want too tight a fit, as that can leave you with pain and numbness in your feet. With the multitude of styles out there, you can usually find a boot that fits you, but if you have a bunion, flat foot or other pre-existing condition, you may need to be fitted for custom orthotics to help with fit.

With properly fitted equipment and safe conditions (unlike those on the Sochi slopes) skiing and snowboarding can be great winter pastimes. So take care before heading out for your next ski excursion, and if you unfortunately injure your foot or ankle on your getaway, schedule an appointment with your Houston podiatrist as soon as you return home.

Dr. Andrew Schneider
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