Olympic Skier Lindsey Vonn Wins Gold Despite Injury

To enter our contest to win fantastic foot health products, become a fan on Facebook!!! Drawing will be tonight at 9 pm Central This past Wednesday at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics Lindsay Vonn finally captured the Olympic gold, despite a serious shin contusion. Vonn had been forecasted to win the Alpine Skiing Ladies downhill event for months leading up to the Olympics until a disastrous injury on February 2nd in Austria left everyone wondering if she would even compete. Vonn reported that she suffered from a severe contusion to her right shin in practice that left her unable to even put on her tight ski boots for days. Being a downhill racer, the shin is one of the most devastating places a skier can get an injury due to the tightly fitting boots that puts pressure around the area.

 Vonn took it easy for the weeks following the accident and decided to go to the Vancouver games to test out the course and decide if she would compete. Lucky for her nasty weather conditions pushed back her first event a couple of days leaving Lindsey more time to recover.

 When the race finally took place, Lindsey felt healed enough to compete at full strength. Vonn was able to edge out fellow United States athlete Julia Mancuso for the gold. At the medal ceremony an uncharacteristic emotional Vonn was seen teary eyed as the US National Anthem played and the American flag rose. Vonn reported that emotions ran especially high for this event due to her injury that she thought might have cost her all the years of training leading up to the event.

Lindsey Vonn has won countless races throughout her career but has never been able to medal at the Olympics until now. With 4 more events to go for Lindsey at these Olympic games, including the Ladies' Super Combined, Ladies' Super G, Ladies' Slalom, and Ladies' Giant Slalom fans wait to see if she will continue to capture gold or if her injury will start to take its toll on her body. The refreshing news is, that after winning the gold, and asked about the upcoming events, she responded that she reached her goal- an Olympic gold medal and she was just going to enjoy her moment. To enter our contest, become a fan on Facebook!!! Drawing will be tonight at 9 pm Central
Dr. Andrew Schneider
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