People Are NOT Loving the new Teva x UGG Sandal-Boot

Breathable space and sturdier soles make a better-for-you (yet uglier) UGG Two hugely popular shoe companies—Teva and Ugg—decided to come up with a shoe that was a hybrid of what each company does best: sandals and boots, respectively. If you’re thinking that sounds like a great idea…think again!

The first photos of what can best be called a sandal-boot (with the furry lining still included) were just released, and the reactions can’t be what the shoe giants were hoping for!

While the brands describe the shoes (which retail for $225) as "quirky-cool hybrids that are designed to take on the urban trail" and are "at the intersection of fashion and function," Twitter users reacted a little differently.

Comedian Eric Schwartz remarked: “Woah, this new, actual @Teva and @UGG mashup is a mullet for feet,” while user Tub pointed out: “So apparently teva and ugg have a colab series now and they look like something a physical therapist would give you.”

At least, in that respect, the new shoe marks an improvement over traditional Ugg designs. While the well-loved traditional design boots are popular with fashionistas everywhere, their flat sole and overly warm lining leave wearers at risk of foot pain (due to lack of arch support) and athlete’s foot (warm, sweaty feet provide a ripe growing environment for the fungus.)

While the new design may not be all that attractive,  the addition of a more supportive sole and openings in the heel and toe that allow feet to breathe can certainly combat some of the problems I’ve always had with Ugg’s more stylish brands.

So, yes, they won’t win any runway awards, but at least the new Teva x Ugg line won’t send you running (or limping) to your podiatrist’s office.  Just saying…

Dr. Andrew Schneider
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Dr. Andrew Schneider is a podiatrist and foot surgeon at Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston, TX.
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