Pick Your Color Fungus

Houston podiatrist distributer for Dr.'s Remedy nail polishThe most common treatment that many women use to pamper themselves is a pedicure. Just driving around Houston, it is incredible to see the number of pedicure shops, salons, and day spas. Actually, since our weather is generally warm and open shoes are worn much of the year, sandal season can extend a full 9 months or more!


What is the first thing you hear when you walk in to get your pedicure? It is probably "Pick your color!" You pick a bottle of your favorite nail polish color and the pampering begins. Is it a new, unopened bottle of polish? Probably not! You may be about to paint your toenails with your favorite color of fungus!


When a previous client gets their nails done, the pedicurist keeps dipping the brush in the polish and ultimately stores it resting inside. If that client had toenail fungus, a very common infection that causes the toenails to thicken and discolor, it can be unknowingly transmitted to you and anyone else who chooses that nail polish color.


Not to worry...I don't like to raise a problem without providing a solution. This one is pretty simple: Bring your own bottle of nail polish. This way you know it is only being used on you. No spread of foreign diseases. Of course, your own nail polish probably ain't so great either!


Nail polish has lots of nasty chemicals, such as formaldehyde and toluene, which are very damaging to the toenails. To add insult to injury, nail polish remover usually contains acetone which also dries the nail. These chemicals are responsible for the white streaking that you see when you remove your nail polish. So many women come into my Houston podiatry office with this nail damage thinking it is fungus. It usually isn't. It's just self-imposed injury to the nails.


Another solution...you should try a healthy nail polish. I recommend Dr.'s Remedy nail polish which doesn't contain those damaging chemicals. It also contains vitamins A and E, which nourishes the nail, preventing it from drying out. There is also tea tree oil which is a natural anti-fungal.


Now I'll admit that I don't wear nail polish (really...I don't!) but I have a great test market including my wife and daughter who now wears this polish exclusively. You can find Dr.'s Remedy nail polish at Tanglewood Foot Specialists, our Houston podiatry office. No appointment needed...just come in and ask to see the nail polish. If you are not near Houston, you can order Dr.'s Remedy nail polish onlinefun.

Dr. Andrew Schneider
Dr. Andrew Schneider is a podiatrist and foot surgeon at Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston, TX.
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