Reality Star Kate Gosselin Breaks her Foot

Love her, hate her or just don’t give a darn either way, you’ve almost certainly heard of reality mom Gosselin won't be running for a while because of a foot fractureKate Gosselin, formerly the star of John and Kate Plus Eight. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past 10 years, I’ll give you a quick synapsis of the show: John and Kate have eight kids together, twin girls and sextuplets. On the TLC reality show, we watched the couple from Pennsylvania struggle to raise their tremendous family and maintain their relationship as a married couple. Unfortunately, their marriage did not survive the show and, once they were divorced, Kate’s reality fame soon fizzled.

Fast forward a few years; Kate is trying to recreate herself as a cook book author. That’s where I come in. As Kate revealed in an interview in , she was working in the kitchen the other day when, “an incident with the kitchen island,” left her with a broken foot.

Laughing off the injury, the avid runner tweeted the following last week: "Dear broken foot, My running shoes say they miss you terribly... I'm so frustrated I could cry that I can't pound the pavement for awhile :("

While I can't imagine agreeing with Kate Gosselin too often, I have to admit her tweet is right on the mark. If you sustain a broken foot or ankle, you will most likely be facing at least six weeks of casting before you can begin to return to your regular exercise regimen. If your fracture is particularly bad and your bone has been displaced, you may even require surgery, which will certainly add to your recovery time and keep you and your running shoes 'on a break.'

For those of you who love to run and stay active, a broken foot can be a devastating injury. If you have a fractured foot, ankle or toe, schedule an appointment with Houston podiatrist Dr. Andrew Schneider to receive expert care that will allow you to return to your favorite activities as soon as possible. No frowny-face emoticon tweets for my patients!

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