Rebel Wilson Breaks Her Toe

Fan favorite Rebel Wilson is feeling the pain of a broken toeIf you think your last vacation didn’t go as well as you hoped, wait until you hear about poor Rebel Wilson’s recent getaway. The Australian actress, who first made a name for herself in Bridesmaids and now stars in the new ABC comedy Super Fun Night, decided to take a break while filming her new sitcom (which premieres tomorrow night, if you’re interested).

During her vacation, she first decided to hit the spa and get a facial; she unfortunately had an allergic reaction to that facial and broke out in hives all over her body. To recover from her spa-treatment-gone-bad, Wilson retreated to the comfort of her resort room to take a luxurious bubble bath. While in the bath, Wilson said she needed to ‘answer the call of nature…’

Turning a bad day into a worse one, she slipped on the marble floor of the bathroom while exiting the tub, put her foot through the wall and broke her toe. She had to go back on set and film several episodes of her new show while injured.

I’m not sure what the take-away message of this sad story should be: use the restroom before you get in the tub? Stay away from spa resorts and do a stay-cation instead? Whatever you learn from Rebel Wilson’s tale of woe, remember this: you can’t walk off an injury like a broken toe. If you have put your toe through the wall, dropped something on it or injured it in any way, schedule an appointment to see Houston podiatrist Dr. Andrew Schneider at Tanglewood Foot Specialists to ensure you heal properly and avoid future foot problems. 

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