Runner’s Quest for World Record Cut Short by Foot Pain

Don't let flat feet keep you from running - visit your Houston Podiatrist for custom orthoticsI’m not a runner, but I am married to one, and I am always impressed when she drags herself out of bed at five in the morning to get in her miles before getting herself and our children ready for work and school. As committed as she is to her running regimen, I have found someone even more dedicated to his runs, whose tremendous commitment to the sport is unfortunately being cut short by foot pain.

Mark Covert currently owns the world’s second-longest daily running streak. As of yesterday, July 23, this man has run every day for 45 years—for those of you who can’t or don’t want to do the math, that’s 16,436 days in a row, regardless of weather, illness or just being tired. On each of those days, Covert has run at least 1 mile, but today, he just announced to the world, will be the first day that he won’t get out there and pound the pavement.  

So what could possibly slow down this running machine? In an interview with Runners World, Covert explained that a flat foot causing discomfort in his shoes will be the thing that stops the running streak after 45 solid years. He explained, “(I have) an incredibly flat foot. I was born with it, and always had problems, but was lucky enough to have a great running podiatrist, who fashioned some truly bizarre devices to keep me going… Running didn’t cause my foot condition; it was always there and it was always going to get me at some point. I’ll probably need surgery in a year or two.”

Now, I have never met Mr. Covert, but I would love to use him as an example for the patients I see in my Houston Podiatric office. Like Covert, a lot of my patients have arch issues that keep them from running comfortably. And while I don’t know if I would call them bizarre devices, like Covert’s podiatrist, I have crafted custom orthotics for my patients that allow them to continue walking, running or playing their favorite sport without pain.

As your Houston podiatrist, I don’t want you to think that a flat foot, high arches or any other foot problem means you can’t enjoy the sports you love. Whether you simply want to walk around your office without pain or try to challenge Covert for the world running streak record, I can offer the solution that will allow you to do so comfortably. Schedule an appointment at Tanglewood Foot Specialists today so that I can craft a custom solution for your specific foot problem.


Dr. Andrew Schneider
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Dr. Andrew Schneider is a podiatrist and foot surgeon at Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston, TX.
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