Shark Tank Rejects Could Still Help Your Feet

The Forus guys got shot down on Shark Tank but you might try their product anywaysWhen they appeared on the hit ABC show Shark Tank last week, the makers of Forus Athletics Shoes failed to score the $200,000 investment capital they were looking for, but that doesn’t mean their products can’t help runners.

Joel Vinocur and Arsene Millogo, the dup behind Forus, created a lightweight running shoe with something they call a PolstarMax 6 insole, designed with shock absorbing technology.

While I would caution against believing everything shoe-makers tells you about their product, the Forus shoe reportedly “absorbs the pressure of your body weight during a walk or intense work out and eliminates back, calf and spine pain allowing you to achieve your best performance.”

Some of the talk may just be hype, but the team did manage to raise over $48,000 for its initial shoe-run based on the results of their technology; at around $80 for a pair of shoes (with 10% of the cost being donated to charity) it may be worth trying out these new kicks the next time your sneaks need replacing.

So, with all that promise, why didn’t Forus score a bite from the Sharks? The investors thought the guys were trying to do too much, too soon (they already offer four different shoe collections in numerous countries around the world.)

If you do happen to snag a pair of these hot-off-the-presses shoes, please share your feedback on the sneakers in the comments section. And please come see Dr. Andrew Schneider for any running related questions or injuries.
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