Teen Mom 3 Star Mackenzie Douthit Breaks Her Foot

Mackenzie Douthit with her baby daddy pre-foot fractureI’m not exactly a huge MTV fan, but I’m certainly aware of the buzz over its risqué Teen Mom series of shows. Apparently they’re now up to cycle three, and one of the young stars of the show has recently had some serious foot problems.

In case you’re not aware of the show’s premise, Teen Mom follows pregnant teenagers throughout their pregnancy and beyond, chronicling the impact pregnancy has on their young lives. While MTV’s initial intent was supposedly to show teens how hard it is to be young and pregnant, the show has become more of a cult hit, with the young ladies on the show becoming stars in their own right (if you call front-page tabloid headlines with their names in them celebrity).

Anyways, it seems like these young women can’t even go to the grocery store these days without getting their picture taken for the papers. Proving that point is the fact that, one of the stars, Mackenzie Douthit, just made headlines yet again after she fell off a porch and broke her foot.

In the foot-selfie that Douthit shared on Twitter, you could see her ankle was incredibly swollen. Initially, she hoped it was only sprained, but her official diagnosis was a fracture. Douthit had this to say about her injury: “(I’m) fat and pregnant, and on crutches with a broken foot…I’m just livin’ the life.”

Douthit may be poking fun at herself over her injury, but pregnant women should all be aware that they are more at risk for sustaining this type of injury. During pregnancy, women’s balance can be compromised as their centers of gravity shift, making them more susceptible to falls (and fractures) just like Douthit’s.

A routine pregnancy can be difficult enough; adding the complications of crutches and casts just gives expectant mothers one more thing to worry about. If you are pregnant and are experiencing any type of foot pain, schedule an appointment with Houston podiatrist Dr. Andrew Schneider at Tanglewood Foot Specialists for quick and effective care. While I can’t prevent you from breaking a bone, I can ensure that your recovery is as painless as possible. 

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