The Avenger’s Half Marathon: An April Fools Joke on Myself

I'm really gearing up for a Disney half-marathon!In my family, there is a clear division of roles when it comes to feet: my wife uses hers to run competitively and, as a Houston podiatrist, I make her feet feel better during her race training and after she’s completed her latest triathlon.

I’ve been pretty happy with that breakdown ‘til now but, somehow, someway, she’s convinced me to sign up for the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon in Disneyland the weekend of November 14. Happy April Fools Day to me!

My application has been submitted and my friends have already started making plans to meet me at the race, so it’s waaay too late to back out, which means I have about 8 months to go from my office chair to 13.1 miles of glory.

Can I do it, you wonder? Well, of course I can! I help coach patients toward injury-free marathon training all the time; all I have to do is follow my own advice of slowly building up endurance; including rest days in my workout plans; keeping up with strength training; incorporating stretching into my routines; and, of course, listening to my body and I’ll do just fine!

Skeptical? I’m not—with proper training you (and I) really can work up to doing a half(or whole) marathon in eight months—in fact, that’s a world of time. So I’m inviting you to join me in training for a challenging new race and, to keep you motivated, I promise to post regular updates here and on my Facebook page about my training progress.

So follow me as I get ready for this big hurdle and, if you feel inspired to start running yourself, feel free to come see me at Tanglewood Foot Specialists for training guidance (or help with injuries, although I hope you won’t need any!)

Dr. Andrew Schneider
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Dr. Andrew Schneider is a podiatrist and foot surgeon at Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston, TX.
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