These Sex and the City Stars Feel Guilty for One Surprising Reason

Sorry for the high-heels says Kristin Davis of SATCNot too many parents would consider the ladies of Sex and the City (Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha) to be good role models, so it’s not really a surprise that some of the stars of the show are now admitting to setting bad examples on set.

But it’s not their risqué dating lives that the stars are regretting—it’s their high-heel obsessions. It’s already been widely reported that Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie), caused herself permanent foot damage by wearing high heels in every episode of the show’s six year run and now Kristin Davis (Charlotte) has come out saying that she feels guilty for encouraging women to wear uncomfortable shoes every day by doing so herself on-screen.

While she regrets having promoted the idea of always accessorizing with heels, Davis says she now, “Wears heels so rarely…it hurts when I do.”

As a Houston podiatrist, I appreciate these celebrities’ stiletto-regrets. I always encourage my patients to choose more comfortable and supportive shoe options in order to avoid foot problems like bunions, heel spurs and hammertoes.

In theory, wearing supportive flats every day is the ideal goal, but I’m a realist and understand that sometimes women just need to rock a great pair of heels (or have an addiction to wearing them daily, thanks to stars like Kristin Davis).

With that in mind, Tanglewood Foot Specialists now offers ultra-thin orthotic iserts specifically designed for use in high-heeled shoes. While they won’t make stilettos great for your feet, they will certainly minimize some of the negative impact on your body while making it much more comfortable for you to stay in your heels all day (or night). If you are a confirmed spike-heel addict, then these are for you—come see Dr. Andrew Schneider to get fitted for a pair ASAP. 

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Dr. Andrew Schneider is a podiatrist and foot surgeon at Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston, TX.
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