This Guy Might Have the Biggest Foot in the World!

Liu's gigantic foot has caused him numerous difficulties in his day-to-day lifeThink you’ve got a hard time finding shoes that fit? Wait until you hear about this guy!

Twenty-one-year old Liu Huichang, who hails from China, suffers from a condition known as gigantism, which causes some or all of your body parts to experience continual growth.

Because of his condition, Huichang’s right foot grew to a shocking length of 17 inches and a whopping five inches of thickness. The poor kid has been forced to wear a size 31 shoe on his right foot (custom made by his grandmother)—for comparison’s sake, that’s a full 9 sizes larger than 7”1 former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal, one of the largest-footed men around.

In his younger days, doctors wanted to amputate Huichang’s leg, but his parents decided to try foot-binding instead (which, sadly, clearly did not work.) Now, doctors have decided to perform a series of surgeries that, though they won’t make the man’s feet equal in size, will at least help him lead a more normal life.

Foot surgery can be life changing—for good or for bad. Before you go under the knife, make sure you’re working with a podiatrist you can trust. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Andrew Schneider today!

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