U.S. Figure Skating Champ Suffers Broken Foot

Adam Rippon won't be split jumping in this year's National Figure Skating competitionAdam Rippon, the reigning U.S. men’s figure skating champ, has broken his foot and will have to withdraw from the upcoming Nationals competition in Kansas City next week.

According to Rippon, the incident happened during warm-ups. He was doing some hops, came down wrong on his left foot, heard a crunch and discovered that he’d sprained the foot and fractured his fifth metatarsal bone.

Fortunately, the injury is not career-ending, but it does mean that Rippon can’t compete at Nationals or, by extension, the World championships in March. Still, Rippon is staying positive, doing something I always advocate to the recovering athletes I treat in my Houston podiatry practice.

Rippon says, “I will use this as a chance to rehab smaller injuries I've been dealing with. I can work on my flexibility. I can work on my conditioning. Only my left ankle is hurt. There's still a lot I can improve."

I could not agree more with Rippon’s approach. While rest is crucial for athlete’s hoping to make a full recovery from any sports injury, taking time off from the court, field or ice doesn’t mean you have to let your fitness levels slide.

There are many ways to work around an injury that will keep you in shape without compromising your recovery; that’s why I always promise my patients not to make them stop training unless it’s absolutely necessary.

If you are dealing with an athletic injury and want to stay in the game without getting permanently sidelined, schedule a consultation with Dr. Andrew Schneider right away!
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