Victoria Azarenka Drops Out of Brisbane International Because of Toe Infection

Victoria Azarenka sidelined with infected toe after bad pedicureTop seeded tennis star Victoria Azarenka has dropped out of her upcoming semifinal match at the Brisbane International tennis tournament against Serena Williams due to an infected great toe. Azarenka developed the infection after "a bad pedicure experience." Despite seeing a doctor to care for the infected toe, she was in too much pain to proceed with the match.


An infected toe after a pedicure is not uncommon. While many believe that the infection is caused by instruments that are not sterile, it usually is not the case. The most common reason why a pedicure will lead to an infection is when the pedicurist is overly aggressive. This is particularly true if the cutuicle is pushed back or the corners of the nail are angled.


Treatment for an infected great toe is reasonably straight forward. In most cases, the toe is numbed with an injection. The small portion of the nail is removed and the infection is drained. Most people feel immediate relief after this procedure and there is no need to wear a special shoe or refrain from activity. Aftercare includes foot soaks and bandaging with topical antibiotics. In severe cases, I may prescribe an oral antibiotic.


Victoria will undoubtedly recover quickly and uneventfully and will be ready for the upcoming Australian Open next week. If you find that your toe has become red and painful after a pedicure, don't wait to get it treated! Contact Dr. Andrew Schneider for an immediate evaluation. The treatment is quick and the results are immediate!

Dr. Andrew Schneider
Dr. Andrew Schneider is a podiatrist and foot surgeon at Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston, TX.
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