Victoria Azarenka is Still Cranky About Her Foot Injury

Victoria Azarenka is happy to play with kids, not to talk about her foot injuryYou know that feeling you get when you’ve got a sports injury and you feel like if just ONE more person asks you “Aww, what happened?” in that annoyingly sympathetic voice you might just punch them? Well, apparently, even star athletes have those moments.

If you recall, I spent a bit of time this past year writing about how tennis star Victoria Azarenka had injured her foot, causing her to withdraw from several high-profile matches (like the Sony Open) and also causing her to cuss up a storm when she tried to play and just couldn’t do it because of the pain.

Well, as Azarenka answered reporters’ questions after losing in the quarter finals at the US Open this week, she finally reached her breaking point over being questioned about her injury.

When one unsuspecting journalist asked about her ‘suffering’ over the past year, the once number-one ranked star had this to say: ““You’re making it sound like I almost died and there were 10 sharks and I got attacked and I survived. And, you know, I saved a dolphin, as well. It’s not that complicated. What I enjoy is to play tennis. To be talking about what happened with my injuries, it’s useless already. What happened in the past, you know, I ain’t got no genie in the bottle to wish what could I do in the past.”

You tell it, sister! As a Houston sports injury expert, I totally get how frustrating a long-term foot injury can be, especially to an athlete, and how the last thing you want to talk about once you’ve recovered is that old, nagging injury. To all the athletes out there who are experiencing foot problems: schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew Schneider and I will do my best to get you back on your feet so quickly, no one will have time to pester you with annoying foot questions. 

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