Which National Treasure Broke her Ankle? Read on to find out

Pia Zadora has broken an ankle in a golf cart accidentWho knew how dangerous golf carts could be? Actress Pia Zadora, of Fiddler, Hairspray and Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult fame has been seriously injured after she was thrown from the golf cart she was riding in when her son, the driver, took a particularly sharp turn.

Zadora, who is now 60, apparently suffered head injuries as well as a broken ankle in the incident, and was hospitalized at Las Vegas University Medical Center, where she was expected to make a full recovery. A spokeswoman for Zadora says she hopes to travel to LA for corrective ankle surgery once she recovers from her head wounds. The actress’ manager, Brian Panella, said she was doing well but added, ““She has a teenage son of driving age who needs to stay away from golf carts, but that's another story.”

On behalf of the team at Tanglewood Foot Specialists, we extend best wishes for a speedy recovery to Ms. Zadora and invite anyone suffering from an ankle injury to skip the emergency room and come straight to our office for x-rays, casting and whatever else you may require. Unless, of course, you also have a head injury or additional trauma. Then you should DEFINITELY call an ambulance! 

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