Why Run?

Year after year, Americans are putting themselves at increased risk for diseases. For a few years, Houston, TX had the dubious title of most obese city in the country. That's not what anyone wants to be know as! It is well known that 30 minutes of sustained activity at least three times a week dramatically reduces the risk for these diseases.

Here's some eye-opening statistics:
  • More than $127 million is spent annually nationwide on medical expenses related to juvenile obesity
  • Healthcare expenses and losses in productivity related to problems from obesity costs Americans in excess of $100 billion a year
  • 300,000 deaths per year are related to problems associated with obesity.
  • Inactivity and poor diet is on the verge of overtaking smoking as the number one cause of preventable death
  • Children ages 10-15 who are overweight have an 80% chance of being an obese adult at age 25
  • Only 25% of children get 30 minutes of physical activity each day
  • Juvenile and teen obesity rates have doubled in the past 20 years
Running is the easiest and most accesible exercise out there. We all know how to do it. No training necessary. All you need are running shoes (although there are those that debate if shoes are necessary). Just step outside and go! Once you start the routine, it'll just get easier.
Dr. Andrew Schneider
Dr. Andrew Schneider is a podiatrist and foot surgeon at Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston, TX.
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