Will The Show Go On? Derek Hough Injury Update

Hough's feeling pretty bummed about his foot and ankle injuriesTonight, ABC will celebrate the 10th anniversary of Dancing With the Stars in a one-hour, star-studded special. As of last night, ABC had included Derek Hough in a list of cast-members participating in the special.

How could this be? Just last week, Hough kicked and broke his own toe during a warm-up routine, then tripped and fell down the stairs on a quest for ice, spraining his other ankle and leaving it with bone bruises. Ouch!

As most of you know, a broken toe and a sprained ankle make dancing pretty tough—but what exactly is a bone bruise? A bone bruise is an injury which typically is the result of a blunt-force impact (like falling down the stairs, in Hough’s case.) It’s not like the black-and-blue marks that appear on our skin after we bump into something; rather, it’s a serious injury: when you have a bone bruise, it means that the fibrous parts of your bone (trabeculae) have been injured and may be bleeding. Not something to stand up and do a fox trot on.

Fortunately for his long-term health, Hough has realized he needs to take a break: “Although I can sort of wobble around, I can’t dance.” For the regular competition, his partner, Nastia Liukin, is working with a stand-in; one can hope that he won’t try anything too daring for tonight’s show, and will just offer his support without trying to get jiggy.

Best wishes to Hough for a speedy recovery, and congratulations to the entire DWTS family from the team at Tanglewood Foot Specialists.
Dr. Andrew Schneider
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