1 Dangerous Foot Fracture Myth (Debunked)

Even if you can move your foot after an injury, you may need one of these...With the help of the AAPPM (American Academy of Podiatric Practice Management), I’d like to take a moment and call your attention to one of the most dangerous foot myths around:

If I can move my foot or ankle, it must not be fractured.

As you can probably tell from the title of the post, that is not, in fact, true.

You may very well be able to move your foot, toe or ankle, even if you’ve broken one of your bones. It will hurt, but you may well be able to do it.

Here are the telltale signs to watch for that indicate you might have a broken foot:

  1. Immediate pain (throbbing)
  2. Swelling
  3. Bruising or Redness
  4. Tenderness to the touch
  5. Pain that is better when resting and worse when moving
  6. Change in shape of foot, toe or ankle
  7. Problems getting your shoe on or off

Here’s the important thing to remember after an injury: even just one of these signs could be an indication of a broken bone. The only way to definitively rule out or diagnose a broken foot, toe or ankle bone is to see your doctor as soon as possible after becoming injured.

In my Houston podiatry practice, I offer in house x-rays and treat broken bones with the highest level of care, with a far shorter wait time than you’d experience in a hospital emergency room.

If you experience pain immediately after a fall or other foot injury, there’s a good chance that you’ve got a sprained or broken toe, foot or ankle. Come see Dr. Andrew Schneider immediately so you can get on the path to a full recovery.

Dr. Andrew Schneider
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Dr. Andrew Schneider is a podiatrist and foot surgeon at Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston, TX.