U.S. Snowboarder Races with Broken Ankle

only an Olympic athlete like Trevor Jacobs can race on a broken ankleAs we all know, Olympic athletes are the toughest competitors in the world, and the Sochi competitors keeps showing us that fact again and again. First there was the Polish skier who won a gold medal racing with a broken foot; now, an American snowboarder has raced with a broken ankle.

On Tuesday morning, U.S. Olympian Trevor Jacobs raced two full snowboard course runs on what he’s now revealed to be a broken ankle. The tougher-than-nails athlete had damaged the ligaments around his cuboid bone (on the outer side of the foot, forming a joint with the heel and metatarsal bones) prior to arriving in Sochi.

During his semi-final heat on February18th, Jacobs landed his first jump and heard a loud pop; despite the fact that he immediately suspected he’d broken his ankle, he kept his boot on and completed his runs in the heat, coming in fourth and only narrowly missing out on a spot in the finals. After finishing his competitiom, he told the press that his pain was increasing greatly, but bravely finished off by saying, “That’s alright, I’ll be fine.”

If you’ve ever watched Curious George cartoons with your kids, you’ll know they finish every little show by explaining that George can do things that real children shouldn’t try to do; I feel like I need to give the same kind of disclaimer here.

When Olympic athletes compete with broken feet and ankles, we celebrate their resilience and drive. When everyday folks like you and I choose to ignore an ankle injury, your Houston podiatrist calls them extremely foolish.

Even if your athletic career depends on it, I can think of very few situations (except, maybe, the Olympics) in which leaving a suspected fracture untreated is warranted. If you think you’ve sprained or broken your foot or ankle, don’t be a hero—come and see me at Tanglewood Foot Specialists immediately. 

Dr. Andrew Schneider
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