Make Your Feet Thankful by Treating Your Bunions

Can’t get rid of the pain of too much turkey this Thanksgiving? Well how about dealing with the nagging discomfort your bunions are causing.

Bunions, which look like bumps on the outside of your foot, are actually caused by excess bone growth and cannot be removed without surgery.  Just because you can only remove bunions surgically, however, doesn’t mean that’s the method of treatment I recommend first at my Houston podiatrist office.

At Tanglewood Foot Specialists, I hope to see my patients when bunions are still beginning to form and have not yet reached the point where simple necessities like walking or wearing shoes has become terribly painful.Padding and shoe inserts do more for bunions than gimmicky tools

At this early stage of bunion development, I can help you prevent the bones from further growth by choosing proper footwear, padding the bunion and/or using custom orthotics.

If you see me early enough, these methods should prevent your bunions from becoming too large to be manageable. Since that is the case, you’ll want to avoid being drawn in by products like this one, just released by Ideas Space Time Inc.: the Squeeze Reliever. Apparently, this new tool is a portable squeezing massager that can provide some temporary pain relief for bunions; it works with pressure pillows that expand and contract to provide a squeezing motion similar to that provided by a squeezing hand. It has adjustable pressure, speed and height adjustments.

All of that sounds great, but here’s my take on things: why pay money for a fancy foot massager that only provides temporary relief when you can gain more long-term pain management by following my medically-approved directions.  Work with Dr. Andrew Schneider to keep your bunions in check and you can spend your money on more exciting splurges than the Squeeze Reliever.


Dr. Andrew Schneider
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Dr. Andrew Schneider is a podiatrist and foot surgeon at Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston, TX.