Durant Still Sitting After Ankle Injury

Kevin Durant has missed several games after suffering a "mild" sprainJust a little while ago, I wrote about how concerned I was for Kevin Durant’s wellbeing, given the fact that he’d sprained the ankle of the foot that he’d previously broken and had repaired surgically.

Now it seems like that concern was valid—as of this post, Durant had missed four consecutive games with the Oklahoma City Thunder, including a Christmas Day match-up, and was showing no signs of being able to return to the court.

Despite the fact that his injury was described as a ‘mild sprain’ at the time, Durant is now telling a story that reveals the problem to be anything but minor. As he explained in a Q&A with the press, “I can't play basketball. I can't run. I can't cut. I can't jump. I'm not just sitting out just because. If I could play I would play. But I can't play.”

In response to a reporter who asked why the injury was initially described as mild, Durant simply said: “I mean, it hurts…But it's not worse than what's happened before. It's not like I might have surgery or my foot is messed up. It's just I have a bad ankle sprain and it's the same foot that I had surgery on so it's kind of lingering over the top of the foot a little bit. So it's hurt.”

Once you have had surgery to repair a foot fracture, that foot is likely to be more delicate for quite some time, even once the break has healed and you’re once again able to bear weight as you did previously.

Foot fractures, especially a Jones fracture like Durant’s, therefore leave your foot more vulnerable to re-injury, particularly in the early stages of your recovery.

Anyone, athlete or otherwise, who is coming back from a foot injury needs to stay in close contact with their Houston podiatrist as they slowly ease back into normal activities. Failing to do so and pushing yourself too far can result in recovery setbacks similar to those Kevin Durant is currently experiencing. 

Dr. Andrew Schneider
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