Embiid Needs Another Surgery, Will Miss Entire Next Season

It looks like another season of benchwarming for Joel Embiid There’s more bad news coming out of Philadelphia: Having already missed his entire first year in the NBA, Joel Embiid,  (third-overall draft pick for the 76ers) will need ANOTHER surgery to fix his right foot and will most likely miss the entire 2015-16 season.

When he was selected for the 76ers, Embiid had just discovered a stress fracture in his right foot; despite his injury, team owners took a chance on the college super-star. Just weeks ago, the team doctors announced he’d has a setback in recovering from his initial surgery; now, Embiid apparently needs a bone-graft, and the recovery from this procedure will take at least a year.

Although people tend to shy away from speculation about a player this young and this early in his career, there is buzz that the new setback could spell the end of the NBA for Embiid.

Basketball puts a lot of pressure on the delicate bones of the feet, especially for big-men like the 7-foot-tall Embiid. It seems like he was doing everything right—resting for an entire year, not pushing to come back too quickly—and yet, here he is, facing the possibility of never playing a single day in the NBA.

Because foot fratures can be devastating to a basketball player’s career, it is crucial to prevent these injuries before they start. Anyone who is serious about playing ball (or another high-impact sport) should have a close relationship with this or her local podiatrist. Set up your consultation with Dr. Andrew Schneider today!
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