Extra Depth Shoes—They’re Not Just For Diabetics

Extra-depth shoes now come in a wide variety of stylesIf you have diabetes, you’re probably familiar with extra-depth shoes, footwear that is designed to allow you to insert a wide variety of orthotic devices that help take pressure off your feet, helping prevent foot ulcers.  These shoes are so important for patients with diabetes that Medicare and most insurances usually cover a large portion of the cost of these shoes, which can run as high as $180.

Non-diabetics who want to buy these shoes currently have to shell out big bucks, but a new study published in the Journal of Gerontology just may change all that. According to the study findings, adults over age 65 who suffer from debilitating foot pain could be greatly helped by being fitted for extra-depth shoes. 

What makes these shoes the answer to older individuals foot pain? As you probably know, your feet change as you age, often getting flatter and/or developing corns, calluses and bunions. These ailments can make wearing traditional footwear excruciatingly painful—which is where extra-depth foot wear can help, says lead study author Hylton B. Menz.

After following 120 men and women over the age of 65 experiencing disabling foot pain, Menz found that those he fitted with extra-depth footwear experienced a marked improvement in comfort level, regardless of the cause of their foot pain, compared to those who received care for their individual problems but didn’t switch their footwear. He attributed the added improvement to how well-fitted these types of shoes are, saying: ““Many older people wear ill-fitting shoes, and we know that ill-fitting shoes are associated with foot problems.”

As a Houston podiatrist, I like to offer my patients as many solutions as possible to help resolve foot pain. To find out the best way to make your feet stop hurting, schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew Schneider today. 

Dr. Andrew Schneider
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