Harrison Ford Injury Update

What's left of Ford's WWII plane after the crashJust days after Harrison Ford broke his ankle and pelvis in a plane crash, the 72 year old actor appears to be on the mend.

On Sunday, Ford was flying his WWII-era plane when he experienced engine trouble and was forced to make a rough, emergency landing. Upon impact, he suffered the fractures as well as some lacerations on his face and arms. He was immediately taken to hospital, where he underwent surgery to repair the broken bones. Although wife Calista Flockheart has reportedly banned him from flying ever again, and he is still in hospital as of the time of this posting, it appears that he will make a full recovery from his wounds.

For those who are keeping track, this is not the first fracture Harrison experienced in recent months; late last year, he broke his leg while on set filming the newest Star Wars installment.

Unfortunately, the more bone injuries you experience in your feet and legs, the more vulnerable you are to future injuries. A second fracture in the same area can take longer to heal, and your recovery should be closely monitored.

If you have already broken a bone in your foot, toe or ankle once, make sure you develop a good relationship with your Houston podiatrist. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew Schneider today.  

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