How Princess Kate Rocks Her Heels in Canada

Kate Middleton stepped off a sea plane rocking what looked to be 4-inch heelsOnce again, Kate Middleton has wowed the world with her seemingly incomprehensible ability to power through athletic situations in toweringly-high-heels. In the past, we’ve wondered “How’d she do that?” as she pulled off a game of volleyball in three-inch wedges. Now, we all gaped as she navigated the streets and steps of Vancouver, Canada rocking her pointiest, highest stilettos.

Apparently, Vanity Fair magazine has previoulsy wondered the same thing and therefore published a feature explaining the secret behind Kate’s comfort in her heels. Apparently, Kate swears by leather shoe insoles—Alice Bow’s, to be precise—to keep her walking without a misstep as she sticks to her stilettos.

I’m so glad Kate has discovered the power of shoe inserts to keep her occupational shoe hazard from causing her foot pain and other problems. I’m a big believer in over the counter products, but I also know that, for people with real foot problems, a cheap insole may not be enough.

For those of you with arch problems, heel pain or gait inequalities, a drugstore insole may not be enough to alleviate your discomfort. For certain concerns, custom orthotics can make a world of difference in the way you experience walking and running. Schedule a consultation and fitting with Dr. Andrew Schneider today!
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