Rockets' James Harden Dealing with Foot Injuries

As you may have noticed on Saturday night, Rockets player James Harden was having a rough game, hitting just four out of 15 shots as his team lost its second in a row, this time to the Clippers. He admitted publicly that he was having a hard time moving on the floor, due to foot pain.  Initially, word on the street was that he had a bruised foot, but now he’s admitted to having pain in both feet.

Harden has said that he has been trying to play through his injuries, but is wary of pushing himself too hard this early in the seasJames Harden's off his game because of foot painon; if he exacerbates the injury, he could see himself excluded from more important games later in the season. Harden has missed a few practices already, and it will remain to be seen whether he’ll play in tonight’s game against the Raptors and, if he does play, whether or not he’ll actually be effective.

When someone is experiencing undiagnosed foot pain, it can be very frustrating; without a clear source for the problem, there isn’t a clear treatment plan. In my Houston podiatrist office, I like to take a holistic approach to diagnoses; I explore every possibility to ensure that we discover what is causing your discomfort and how we can best embark on your path to recovery.

If you have a sprained foot or ankle, we’ll focus on rest and isolation; if, however, you have a hairline fracture or something more serious, our treatment plan will obviously take a different approach.

If you are experiencing foot pain like James Harden, you need to see a foot specialist to discover the true cause of your discomfort. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew Schneider to leave foot pain in the past and move on with your game.

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