Kevin Durant Gets a (Good) Break

Kevin Durant has been cleared to play in the upcoming NBA seasonLet’s face it, last year was just plain rough for the Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kevin Durant. First, the former NBA MVP broke his right foot; as he tried to come back from that injury, he suffered several subsequent injuries and underwent three different surgeries to try and get him back on the court.

Thankfully, the last surgery (a bone graft to relieve the pain of bones rubbing together) seems to have taken because Sam Presti, the Thunder’s general manager, announced yesterday that Durant is cleared to play.

Hoping to avoid another disastrous attempt at a comeback for the superstar, Presti mitigated his optimism: "With any of our players that are coming off injuries, we're going to be watching, managing practice, recovery time," he said. "In terms of limitations, he doesn't have any. He looks great."

Time and time again, we see that rushing a sports injury recovery has disastrous results for the player’s health. Fortunately, it seems that Durant will finally be able to put this foot fracture behind him and return to basketball greatness, but only time will tell the true impact of last year’s missteps.

In my practice, I carefully monitor athletes as they recover from their injuries. I know how much they want to get back in the game, but I also know they need to avoid making their situation even worse. If you want to make sure you safely recover from a sports injury, schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew Schneider right away.

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