KJ Back on Track for the Texans

By allowing himself a full recovery from foot surgery, Kevin Johnson has a real shot at bringing victory home to HoustonLast season cornerback Kevin Johnson, the Texans’ first-round draft pick for 2015, made a real impression on the field, playing almost 900 snaps and nabbing a pick, 47 tackles and nine broken-up passes. Unfortunately, he also got hurt, experiencing foot problems for nearly half the season and suffering a broken risk in the play offs. These injuries necessitated off-season foot and wrist surgeries and called into question his ability to make a difference in the 2016-17 season.

Thankfully, his operations seem to have gone smoothly and the future is looking bright for both KJ and the Texans. "No doubt, I'm feeling great," Johnson told The Houston Chronicle. "I'm working with the Texans staff and I'm getting back healthy. I'm getting back faster than I thought I was. So, I'm excited about getting ready for next season."

Heading into a season where our city is slated to host the Super Bowl, it’s great to hear that this promising young rookie is set, as he says, to “come back and have a big year next year.”

With the entire off-season ahead of him to allow his slow and steady recovery, I’m fairly confident his injury won’t be an issue next season. When it comes to sports injuries, many athletes compromise their recovery process by speeding up rehab in order to return to play. Thanks to the timing of Johnson’s surgeries, he won’t have that kind of team pressure and will be able to fully rehab and regain strength before having to face the stress of game-time action.

Regardless of when you get an athletic foot injury, allowing your injury to fully heal before getting back in the game is critical to your future in sports. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew Schneider for an athletic injury rehab plan that will protect you from repeat injuries.
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