Kyle Busch Health Update

Kyle Busch can breather easier now that he's had successful foot surgeryLast week, NASCAR racer Kyle Busch slammed head-on into a concrete wall in Turn 1 at the Daytona Speedway. He suffered a broken leg and foot in the ankle in the accident.

Right after the crash, Busch was hospitalized in Daytona and had an operation to repair his leg. Once he was well enough to be transported, Busch was transferred to a hospital in Charlotte, where he had surgery to repair his fractured left foot.

After the operation, Kyle’s wife Samantha tweeted that his doctor was pleased with the outcome of the surgery; no timetable has been set for his return to racing, but we all hope he’ll be back at it soon.

For anyone like Busch whose career depends on the use of their feet, a broken foot can be a life altering injury. One mistake during surgery can lead to extended recovery times, repeat injuries and even revision surgeries.

Putting your trust in a foot surgeon is frightening; as a Houston podiatrist I urge you to get at least two opinions on your injury before choosing who (if anyone) should operate on you.

At Tanglewood Foot Specialists, I am always happy to offer injured patients a second opinion on their surgical needs. If you have been told that you need an operation on your toe, foot or ankle, don’t take just one doctor’s word for it. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Andrew Schneider before making your final decision.

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