Skinny Heels + Flat Feet = Big Runner’s Problems

Orthotic inserts in heels like these can prevent neuromasLots of women have high-heels with narrow toe boxes; many also have flat feet; and plenty who have both love to run. According to recent findings, that triple-combo creates ripe conditions for the formation of a Morton’s Neuroma, a nerve problem that causes severe pain in the balls of your feet.

Neuromas form when a nerve between your toes becomes enlarged and enflamed, causing you to experience a burning, tingling sensation. The most common, Morton’s neuroma, forms when the affected nerve is between the base of your third and forth toes. Apparently, squeezing flat feet into tight shoes and then repeatedly pounding them on the pavement can contribute to the nerve inflammation associated with this painful problem.

Knowing that fact, there’s a lot we can do to help prevent neuromas from forming. Most people with flat feet can benefit from orthotic inserts, which I custom craft to fit your feet in my Houston podiatrist office. Previously, orthotics could only fit in the kind of clunky shoes that few women want to wear, but these days, I can even offer you inserts designed to fit into your stilettos. If you have a pair for your heels and a pair for your sneakers, you can give yourself a lot of protection against neuromas.

If you are reading this blog too late and already have a neuroma, don’t worry—I can help! I offer a variety of treatment options to deal with the pain of this nerve problem; usually, the earlier you see me, the less invasive my care needs to be. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew Schneider today so we can explore all your options and quickly make you more comfortable. 

Dr. Andrew Schneider
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Dr. Andrew Schneider is a podiatrist and foot surgeon at Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston, TX.