NASCAR’s Kyle Busch Facing Two More Foot Surgeries

NASCAR phenom Kyle Busch needs two more surgeries for foot and leg injuries sustained in a crashLast February, NASCAR star Kyle Busch had a devastating crash on the Daytona International Speedway, leaving him with a broken left foot that needed to be surgically repaired with plates and screws. He also broke his right leg, which was repaired with a surgically inserted rod.

Now that the NASCAR offseason has arrived, Busch plans to go under the knife again—twice! He will reportedly undergo one procedure to remove the plates and screws from his left foot, and another operation will remove the rod from his leg. The foot surgery is intended to make Busch’s feet “feel normal again,” according to ESPN, while the leg surgery is intended to prevent complications if the driver gets in another crash down the road. If his leg rod broke during a crash down the road, the resulting injury would be much more difficult to repair.

Discussing his recovery, Busch anticipated a four-week rehab period, during which time he wants “to make sure that all the joints that have been immobilized for the last nine months, we get them kind of woken back up in a smooth fashion and 'break it in,' let's say."

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