Star of “Dallas” Dealing with Morton’s Neuroma

Patrick Duffy shuns cowboy boots because of his foot painI don’t usually get my foot (or any other) news from The National Enquirer, but this week the tabloid had an interesting interview with Patrick Duffy, who plays Bobby Ewing on the night-time soap opera, “Dallas.”

While you might think that the long-time star of a Texas-based show might sport cowboy boots (after all, he is a rancher on Southfork), the Enquirer spotted him out-and-about in leather clogs and decided to find out why. Fortunately, Duffy was more than happy to share his reasoning.

“I have terrible feet,” he revealed. “I really beat them up during ‘Man from Atlantis,’ (his first TV role in 1976) because I was barefoot all the time – running through fields, running on cement, jumping out of the water, slapping them around for years. So the nerves on the bottom kind of went all to hell. Since then, I’ve chosen to wear clogs.”

The reason for Duffy’s pain is Morton’s neuroma, a condition in which a nerve in the foot (usually between or just before the third and fourth toes) becomes enlarged, causing pain, burning and numbness in the ball of that foot, just as Duffy described.

One of the treatments for this condition is changing your footwear, just like the “Dallas” star has done, but other options are available as well. In my Houston podiatry office, I also work with patients to give them orthotics that support the metatarsal bones and take pressure off the ball of the foot; I sometimes prescribe anti-inflammatory medications; and have even begun working with a new kind of shock therapy that’s proving successful at fighting this type of pain.

For TV stars like Patrick Duffy and for the rest of us, wearing clogs every day isn’t always going to work. If you are dealing with the pain of a Morton’s neuroma, schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew Schneider so you can start experiencing relief. 

Dr. Andrew Schneider
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