Pau Gasol Struggling with Foot Pain

As all of us in Houston know, our sports teams’ are only as good as the health of their feet; when James Harden or Matt Schaub have foot injuries, the whole city hurts with them.Pau Gasol is struggling with a strained foot

Houston is not alone in this; the LA Lakers have been reeling from star player Pau Gasol’s foot pain as well, even as he tries to play through the injury.

Last week, Gasol revealed that an MRI showed he has a muscle strain in his left foot. In spite of discovering this injury, Gasol says he's starting to feel better and will remain on the court.

Gasol’s foot pain is long-lived and complicated; he’s had foot problems since this year’s training camp ended and he missed 20 games last season after tearing the plantar fascia in his right foot and experiencing the terrible heel pain associated with that injury.

When an athlete chooses to play with a foot injury, he or she is taking a tremendous risk. By not resting an injured foot or ankle, an athlete not only risks extending his or her recovery time, but he or she also risks making that injury even worse. For now, Gasol may only have a strained foot, but that already weakened foot could be sprained or even fractured during intense NBA play.

In my Houston podiatrist practice, I work with athletes to ensure they have fully rested and rehabbed an injury before returning to the field, rink or court. Come see me at Tanglewood Foot Specialists for all your sports injury concerns.

Dr. Andrew Schneider
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