New Smart Shoes Aim to Prevent Running Injuries

These super shoes could prevent running injuriesAll you marathoners, triathletes and avid joggers out there, listen up. I know you all think that you’re safe runners and aren’t at risk of injury when training, but I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong. If you’re just beginning a new training program, you may overdo it and sustain a stress injury; even if you’re a seasoned athlete, the way you step and stride may be putting you at risk for sprains, shin splints or stress fractures.


Having recognized the very real hazards of running, German research group Fraunhofer has embarked on a project that hopes to stamp out running injuries by identifying and correcting people’s bad running habits. To do this, the researchers created
a shoe decked out with sensors, GPS and accelerometers that collect data while you run and then send that information to a smartphone app.


According to scientists involved in the project, “The app could recommend running more slowly, for example, or rolling off the foot differently, suggest seeking a different running surface or stopping if necessary.”

Right now, the shoe is still in development stages—researchers have created an app and a prototype of the shoe. Next up, the team hopes to make the shoe more marketable by making the electronics and sensors smaller while still ensuring that they remain waterproof, light and tough enough for pounding the pavement.

These super-shoes are expected to hit the market in 2015. Until then, runners should be mindful of their training regimens, varying running distances, mixing up types of cardio, including strength training and building in rest days to your workout regimen; if these precautions don’t work, however, schedule an appointment with your Houston Podiatrist, Dr. Andrew Schneider.

Dr. Andrew Schneider
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