Beat That “Long Day at Work” Foot Pain

Smart shoes, stretching and resting can prevent foot pain at workSo many people come home from a day on the job, take off their shoes and realize how much their feet hurt (especially women who have to squeeze into pointy-toed heels for their jobs!)

In a recent issue of Massage Magazine, I saw some great suggestions on how to keep your feet healthy while you’re at work. Try these out, but if you still notice persistent foot pain, schedule an appointment with your Houston podiatrist as soon as possible. Here’s to healthy feet this summer!

Guide to Happy Working Feet

Be Choosy About Your Shoes. Try to select pairs that offer good arch support and roomy toe boxes, but at the very least, make sure you’re not spending the day in shoes with worn out soles, since the lack of shock absorption will put even more pressure on your feet.

Stay Grounded Whenever you have to stand for a long period of time, plant both feet firmly on the floor and distribute your weight evenly.

Try these stretches.:
Toe curls: With your bare feet resting on a towel on the floor, bunch up the towel by curling your toes. Hold this curled position for three to five seconds. Repeat 10 times (one set). Do up to three sets during the day.

Toe flexion/extension: With bare feet, gently grasp your right toes and curl, then straighten them. Hold each position for three to five seconds. Repeat with left foot. Do 10 times (one set), up to three sets per day.

Toe raises: Sit with your knees at a right angle to the floor with feet flat. Raise your toes only, keeping heels on the floor, and hold. Repeat 10 times (one set), up to three sets per day.

Sit When You Can. Any break you can offer your feet will help stave off foot pain. For maximum benefits, try some massage techniques on your feet while you’re at it: use your thumb to gently put pressure on sore areas, especially the plantar fascia cord (which runs from your arch through the ball of your foot and into your heel and, when inflamed, can be a major cause of heel pain.)

Dr. Andrew Schneider
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