Teen Creates Cleats That Beat Turf Toe

Eck shows off his novel cleat-design ideaWhile your big toe is just a small extension from your foot, turf-toe injuries (sprains of the ligaments that attach the toe to the foot) have been known to fell the careers of giant football players. Now, one teenager from Falls Church has made it his mission to put an end to the devastating injury thanks to, of all things, his unique cleat design.

Turf-toe injuries are typically stress injuries, the result of repeated pressure being placed on the toe over time from impact on hard surfaces like the turf on which football players do their job.

Seeing these big-toe problems over and over again, Brian Eck, himself a quarterback, came up with a plan: isolate the big toe so players could enjoy better mobility without the fear of injury.

Only in 8th grade at the time, Eck was able to patent a cleat that separated the big toe from the rest of the group; now that he’s a high-school senior, the teen is working to market the product and create his own line of athletic wear.

Until this cleat is readily available to the public, we won’t know just how much it can do to prevent potentially career-ending athletic injuries. What we do know, however, is that the proper foot wear (and paying attention to your body’s warning signs) can go a long way toward keeping injuries from getting you side-lined.

If you are an athlete and have been experiencing discomfort on the field or court, don’t wait until the pain stops you from playing entirely. At the first sign of a problem, schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew Schneider so that the future of your athletic enjoyment won’t be called into question.

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