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Let's face it, nothing takes the wind out of our sails like sore feet. Sore feet make us unproductive, since all we can think if is sitting down, and is unrelenting. At best sore feet makes us exhausted after being on our feet all day. At worst, foot pain can cause us to quit our job or cancel a vacation. There are treatments for pain in your feet that will help you enjoy life more.

Foot pain is often due to the feet having to work harder than they should due to mechanical instability. If the foot is too flat or if the arch is particularly high, it results in an imbalance of the muscles. Sometimes relief will come with switching to an appropriate shoe. Let's face it, flip flops are not shoes, but so many people wear them constantly for all activities. What do you wear when you are shopping at the mall? On a trip to Disneyworld? Wearing a suitable shoe that supports the foot is going to help alleviate the pain you have been feeling.

There are times when simply wearing the right shoe is not enough. It is vital to support and correct any mechanical instability that is contributing to your foot pain. Using an off the shelf insole is the first step to supporting your foot. Not all insoles are created equal, however. The insoles that you often find in pharmacies and convenience stores are almost always inadequate. This is usually because they are too flexible to be effective. An appropriate insole can often be found in an athletic shoe store or in your podiatrist's office. While cushioned, they are are firmer, thereby offering more support. If an insole helps your sore feet, but it does not fully eliminate the pain, you should visit with your podiatrist to see if a custom orthotic would help you further.

Another cause of sore feet are corns and calluses, which are areas of hard skin that build up in areas of high pressure. Although the body creates these areas to protect itself against pressure, it ends up adding to the pressure and causes inflammation and pain. A stroll down your local drug store foot care aisle will show you how prevalent corns and calluses are and how much they cause foot pain. The dead skin can be managed when softened with a good quality foot cream and exfoliated with a pumice stone. The pressure should also be addressed with the use of foot pads. There are many pads available, made from different materials and in different shapes and sizes. The best pads are those that work well for you. The only word of warning is to never get a medicated pad, which contains an acid that potentially can damage the healthy skin.

Foot pain can be a complex situation. If you try some or all of these remedies and still are suffering, do not hesitate to call your podiatrist. He will be able to take an objective look at your feet and help you alleviate your sore feet once and for all.
Dr. Andrew Schneider
Dr. Andrew Schneider is a podiatrist and foot surgeon at Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston, TX.