These Smart Socks Could Prevent Diabetic Ulcers

Sensors in Siren Smart Socks detect changes in diabetic foot temperature to prevent injuryLuckily for today’s diabetic patients, there have been plenty of innovative new products created to help prevent the disease from wreaking havoc on your feet. While many are great, lots are bulky and cumbersome, or overly expensive—meaning daily foot exams are still your diabetic feet’s best friends.

Well now, there’s sock technology available that’s both practically seamless and quite affordable!

New from Siren Care, a company that specializes in diabetic health tracking, comes the Smart Sock: it uses foot temperature information to detect inflammation and potential injuries as they occur, relaying that information in real time to diabetic sock wearers! Wireless shoe inserts and boots fitted with the same technology already exist, but these socks get closer to the source, since their sensors are woven directly into the fabric of the sock!

All the information gathered by these sensors is stored both in the sock and on the cloud. When sensors detect a major temperature fluctuation, the wearer is sent an alert, via the company’s smartphone app, to check their feet immediately. Something so simple could prevent a minor mistake from turning into a foot ulcer—a potentially life threatening condition—says sock co-inventor Ran Ma.

“Something as simple as you have a shoelace tucked into your shoe and don’t feel it and [you] get an injury from that” can be prevented with quick alerts from the socks sensors.


For $120, you get a set of 7 socks designed to last you for six months. The socks never need charging—their batteries only turn on when you wear them, reverting back to sleep mode as soon as they are removed—and they’re machine washable, making this new, wearable technology a potentially life-changing addition to your diabetic foot care regimen.

Dr. Andrew Schneider
Dr. Andrew Schneider is a podiatrist and foot surgeon at Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston, TX.