When a Broken Foot Can Ruin a Perfect NFL Season

The tackle that led to Julian Edelman's foot fractureHappy Thanksgiving everybody! Given the nature of the day’s activity: eating and watching football, I thought I’d focus on the big game and how some of the athletes are fairing this far into the season.

Even after all of last year’s deflategate drama, the New England Patriots are on a quest towards a perfect season, with an impressive 9-0 record under their cleats to date. But now a key player’s injury will likely stand in their way.

During last week’s match-up against the New York Giants, wide receiver Julian Edelman broke a bone in his left foot—and according to reports, it’s a tricky-to-heal Jones fracture, which means Edelman will likely be sidelined for a while.

Don’t agree? Let’s not forget the Dallas Cowboys’ Dez Bryant, who got a Jones fracture during the first week of play. He only came back for week 8; if Edelman is out for a similar period of time, it will eliminate him from the Patriots dash toward the playoffs.

Of course, as a Texans fan, I’m not devastated by New England’s loss…but as a Houston podiatrist, I really feel for this athlete. Jones fractures are notorious for repeat injuries and numerous setbacks; they almost always require surgical repair. That’s not something I’d wish on anyone; even a bunch of guys with a win-at-all-costs kind of attitude.
Dr. Andrew Schneider
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Dr. Andrew Schneider is a podiatrist and foot surgeon at Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston, TX.