Avoid Falls during the Polar Vortex

See Dr. Andrew Schneider for fall prevention to avoid this In case you haven’t noticed, it’s gotten a bit chilly out there—even here in Houston, we’ve experienced way below average temperatures thanks to this crazy polar vortex. In addition to the annoyances this terrible weather can cause, freezing temperatures can pose a serious threat in the form of ice-related falls. Knowing this, it’s important to take steps to prevent falls during the winter, especially for elderly individuals who are more prone to losing their balance.

In the mornings before any warm-up has occurred and at night when temperatures have dropped, surfaces can be slick and icy; these are the moments when falls are most likely to occur. If you do slip and fall on an ice patch, any foot injury you incur will be made worse by the mechanism of your fall—slipping adds force and sliding on a slick surface can make your foot go in the any crazy direction.  Because of these factors, you are more likely to sustain a serious ankle sprain or displaced fracture when you experience a fall on ice.

Now that I’ve explained the fall risks associated with winter, let me tell you how we can keep you protected. In my Houston podiatrist practice, I fit patients with the Moore Balance Brace, a lightweight, custom made Ankle-Foot Orthotic designed specifically to provide balance and stability to older individuals. The Moore is one of my favorite braces because it’s light and fits in lots of different shoes, but it’s not the only tool I have in my arsenal. If that brace doesn’t work for you, we have other options readily available.

If you are concerned about falling this winter, take proactive steps to keep yourself safe. Schedule an appointment at Tanglewood Foot Specialists today so that you won’t find yourself on the ground tomorrow.

Dr. Andrew Schneider
Dr. Andrew Schneider is a podiatrist and foot surgeon at Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston, TX.