Vibram Five Fingers Sued By Runner Claiming Deceptive Advertising Claims

Posted on Apr 06, 2012
Houston Vibram Five Fingers are being suedA Florida runner has filed a class action lawsuit agains Vibram Five Fingers based on deceptive claims made on the health benefits of running in their shoes. This is the second fad shoe style that has been sued, the other being Sketchers Shape-Ups. The Five Fingers are the most popular minimalist shoes that claim to simulate barefoot running.
Vibram claims that running in their shoes help to build the strength and range of motion in the foot and ankle. They also say that it stimulates nerve function and improves posture. The lawsuit claims that these claims have not been proven and even put the runner at increased risk of injury. 
To Vibram's credit, they do acknowledge on their website that running in the Five Fingers does require a significant gait change and does offer tutorials on how to properly run in them. Even so, I see many Houston patients in my podiatry practice who don't educate themselves on running properly in minimalist shoes and end up with stress fractures and other related injuries.
If you are experiencing pain with running in conventional, minimalist, or no shoes, contact our Houston office to schedule an immediate evaluation to get you back to running as soon as possible.

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