95 Year Old Man Sets a New Masters Record in the 200m Run

I frequently tell my patients that age is just a number. I've seen the most active 90 year olds who are excercising and travelling. I have also seen much younger patients who look and act "old." This video is my case in point.

The BBC shared a video of 95-year-old Charles Eugster, who recently set a new record running the 200 meters. While this is a fantastic accomplishment, we should all learn from it. No matter where we are in life, our current physical condition, or our attitude that you're "too old" for this, you can recalibrate your thinking and accomplish amazing things.

So the next time you think about the trip you want to take, or the reasons why you won't, rememgber Mr. Eugster and instead think..."What do I NEED to do in order to take that trip.

Happy Running!!